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The mine water treatment process happens on an industrial scale across the ex-mining regions of the UK in order to treat many millions of litres per second of polluted mine water. This is a process that will continue for many decades, even hundreds of years to keep the ground and drinking water supplies clean.

The distinctive stepped cascades help to oxygenate the water as it is pumped out of the ground. Then it passes into ‘settlement lagoons’ where the ochre particles settle out under gravity. The Coal Authority aims to find the most efficient and cost effective treatment and management system possible for each particular site.

This project is working with the Coal Authority to recycle the ‘waste’ materials formed from this process. The CA are facilitating access to their MWTS and have set aside many tons of material for the furture of this work. 

Coming soon.... 
In just a few weeks we will be launching the very first ever exterior grade mineral based wall paint made from 100% coal mine waste ochres Six Bells Red. A special edition of 100 one litre tins will be available to buy here.  At the same time we launch an amazing new oil paint in collaboration with Michael Harding; Six Bells Burnt Ochre (Slade Red) will be available as a first edition artists oil paint. Finally, the Mine Water Treatment site at Six Bells will be marked with a plaque naming it as the source of the colour. 


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