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Six Bells Red

Mineral based exterior grade wall paint 1L

Six Bells Red is the first mineral based paint using 100% recycled residues forming as a result of the treatment of polluting mine water. The pigment has been burned to create a unique deep red colour and then combined with a mineral based paint binder to produce a new kind of paint which is environmentally responsible. The paint has a deep velvet matt finish and the light refraction gives the colour a richness because of the mineral chemical bonding process and the irregular pigment partical size.

Six Bells Red is combined with a mineral sol-silicate binding system and can be used on mineral surfaces such as concrete and render where it will chemically bond to the substrate, and it can be used on previously painted surfaces where it will mechanically bond to an existing paint coat. This paint is hard waring and can be use for exteriors and interiors.

The paint contains less than 5%VOC’s, and no solvents or petro-chemical derivatives so it does not give off any toxic gases and is non-combustible. Further info can be found on the Safety Data Sheet upon request.
The paint tin contains 1litre of paint which will cover 10 square metres with one coat or five square meters with two coats. 

Some advice for applying the paint:
The tin will come with some advice about application, which slightly differs from regular emulsion paint. Such as always starting from a natural breakline and maintain a wet-edge at all times - don’t ‘cut in’ or work wet material into dry. Protect all surrounding surfaces and always remove splashes and spillages immediately as it has a slight etching effect if allowed to dry hard on glass or shiny surfaces The paint needs time to properly
chemically bond to the substrate and therefore it is important to let each coat dry for 12 hours, even if the paint appears ‘dry’ after only a few hours.


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