fire 6This site is a record of finding earth materials in the landscape, it documents the journey from geological origins to manufactured pigment material. Spike Bucklow, Onya McCausland, Ruth Siddall and Jo Volley have made contributions to the work presented here. 

3 – 26 March 2014

18th March 14 – Burning ochre collected from Lancashire in the garden at Camden Arts centre.

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Raw earth arriving at Camden Arts Centre 8th March 2014



Pemberton just outside Wigan, Lancashire, 3rd March 14 where the raw ochre material came from.

Redundant mines flood causing ferrihydrite to leak into water courses, starving them of oxygen. Here the clear water run off concludes the mine water treatment, separating the ‘ochre’ from purified water.
Measure Pem sml

Aspull Sough 2 sml

Ferrihydrite and waterWater treatment

Photography: Onya McCausland 

Hockery Brook 1 sml